Concrete Spalling

   Concrete Spalling or well known as "Concrete cancer" is caused when the steel reinforcing within a concrete slab begins to rust. As steel rusts, it can expand up to 7 times its original size causing the surrounding concrete to be spall/displaced and become flakey. As the steel pushes the concrete away, more water gets to the steel expediting the process. Concrete spalling is commonly caused due to the steel reinforcing being too close to the surface. If concrete spalling is left and not treated it can cause structural damage leading to potential OH&S hazard and expensive repairs. 

   We are very skilled and knowledgeable in removing and repairing both small and large amounts of concrete spalling in any situation, whether it is spalled from the face of a concrete slab, the underside of balconies, parapet walls and on the surface of a slab. In the process of repairing the spalls, we replace necessary steel work and use fiber reinforced repair mortars that retain the strength of the slab. Giving a quality and structural finish.